Use this tab of the Manage Databases and Connections window to manage the list of databases that are available to Liberty Reports users. Note that (except for databases visible only to the current workbook), the list of databases is maintained in a central location. Changes that you make to the list of databases may therefore be visible to other users. Some databases may appear on this list automatically as a result of the integration between Liberty Reports and your application software.

Database List

The Name column shows the name assigned within Liberty Reports to the database. The Connects To column identifies the database in terms of its type or application software. This will often include elements like a server name and database name, path name, or file name (dependent on the type of database).


Displays the New Database Wizard window allowing you to identify and name a new database to be added to the list.


Removes a database from the list (with a prompt to confirm this action). If the database was one that was automatically added, removing it will hide it so that does not re-appear in the future.

Refresh List

Utilizes the integration between Liberty Reports and your application software to automatically include databases in the list.