Query Wizard

This wizard guides you through the steps to define a query that will place rows and columns of data from your database into your worksheet. Many report designs utilize a query as one of the primary building blocks for a report. Once a query has been added, other values can be incorporated into the report by using Liberty Reports functions (via the Function Wizard), Excel formulas, and data-entry columns. All of this data together may constitute a complete report design or be used as the data that feeds a chart, pivot table, lookup list, or validation list.

The wizard will lead you through the following steps:

  1. Database Connection
  2. Select Table
  3. Select Columns
  4. Select Conditions
  5. Summarize Results
  6. Sort Order
  7. Query Options

Common Wizard Buttons

The following buttons that appear at the bottom of the window are common to each step:

(Preview SQL)

Displays a window showing the SQL statement that has been assembled by the wizard thus far based on your selections.

(Preview Data)

Displays a preview window containing a grid that is filled with the data returned by the query as it has been defined thus far.


Dismisses the wizard without inserting a query.


Moves back to the prior step in the wizard.


Moves forward to the next step in the wizard provided you have completed any required selections in the current step.


Dismisses the wizard and inserts the query into the worksheet. This can only be done after you have selected at least one column on the Select Columns step.