Database Connection

This step of the wizard allows you to select the connection you wish to use. Data will be queried from the database that the connection is connected to.

Connection List

The Name column identifies the names of available connections. The Connects To column shows the database that the currently being used by the connection. If no database has been chosen yet, the text Unassigned - You will be prompted to select a database will be shown. This means that if you select the connection and click Next, the Select Database window will be displayed requiring you to select a database.

You can right-click on any connection in the list to display the Select Database window. You can also select a connection and then click the link that appears at the bottom of the list entitled Click to select a database for the "connection-name" connection.

You may sort the list of connections by clicking any column header. Clicking a column header a second time reverses the sort direction.

Use descriptive names in the first column of the table and columns lists

In the case of database types for which Liberty Reports can display user-friendly captions in place of the table and column names from the database, two columns will be shown when viewing lists of tables or columns. One column will show the user-friendly caption and the other will show the name from the database. The first column will be the column on which best-fit is applied. Best-fit is a feature that allows you to begin typing the first few characters of a name in order to jump down to the first matching entry in the list. Check this box if you want the first column to show the user-friendly captions. Leave this box unchecked to show the database names in the first column.