Select Table

Use this step of the wizard to identify the primary table or view for your query. If you plan to have your query return information from more than one table or view, you must still select one table or view that will be considered the primary table. This would be the table or view for which every row in the table (meeting your criteria) should be represented (either in detail or summary form). Often, this will be the table or view that contains the most amount of detail.

For example, if creating a query from purchase order information, you might find that the data you want is located in a purchase order header table as well as a purchase order detail table (representing the line items of your purchase orders). The more detailed table would therefore be the purchase order detail table and that will often be the best candidate for the primary table that you must identify in this step.


Click this drop-down to select All Tables and Queries, Tables, Queries, or System Tables. This will filter the list of tables and views (Queries) accordingly.

or Ctrl+F

Displays the Find window which allows you to enter some text to locate in the list. The first matching item in the list will be selected. Press F3 to repeat the same search and find the next matching item.


The Preview Pane displays rows from the selected table or view so that you can confirm that it contains the expected data.