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This tab displays the status of your Liberty Reports licenses and allows you to update your license when needed.

Update Licenses
Click this button to open the Licensing wizard which will allow you to update your licenses.

View details for
Click this drop-down to select a specific license that you want to view. By default, the first license in the list is displayed.

License Information

The following information is displayed for the selected license

Name Description
Company This is the name for your company is it appears in Event 1 Software's license database.
License ID This is a unique identifier for the license that your company owns.
License Type This indicates the type of license that you have:
  • Permanent - Indicates that your company purchased a license of the software which you are entitled to use indefinitely. As part of a permanent license, your renewal of annual software maintenance entitles you to new versions as they become available in order to add new features or support new operating environments.
  • Subscription - Indicates that you have a subscription license that can be used through the renewal date shown. If the license is not renewed, the software will not function past the renewal date. A subscription license includes software maintenance.
  • Evaluation - Indicates that you have an evaluation license which will only function until a specific date.
License Renewal For permanent licenses, this date indicates the date through which you have paid for software maintenance and would be entitled to receive software updates. For subscription licenses, this is the date through which the software will continue to operate unless renewed for another time period.
Status The status indicates if the license is in good standing or if there is a problem that should be addressed.
License File This is the location of the shared license information.
Concurrencies - Total This indicates the total number of users who may use this license at a given time.
Concurrencies - In Use This indicates the number of users currently using this license.
Concurrencies- Available This indicates the number of concurrencies currently available to other users.
Concurrencies- Supply This indicates whether the number of concurrencies has been sufficient for the number of users you have or if there have been instances when the demand has exceeded the number of available concurrencies.