This User

The options on this tab apply to the current user.

Save data with report
This is the default value for the Save data with report check box on the This Workbook tab when creating a new workbook.

Notify me when adding a column will disable the preview grid
Certain types of columns cannot be displayed in the preview grid of the Query Wizard. If this box is checked, you will be notified when adding such a column.

Ask before refreshing a query when I edit the SQL
Normally, when you make changes to a query's SQL statement via the Edit SQL feature, you will want to run the new query immediately after accepting it so that you can see the results of your change. Check this box if you want the opportunity to decide whether the query should be immediately refreshed. If this box is not checked, a query that is edited via the Edit SQL window will always be automatically refreshed.

Ask before reusing an existing connection
This setting applies when you open (or create) a separate workbook that needs to query data from a database that you already have a connection to from an already open workbook. If this box is checked, you will receive a prompt asking if you want to use the existing database connection.