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The settings on this tab apply to the current workbook.

Save data with report
Check this box to store the results returned by Liberty Reports functions in the workbook.

  • Unchecked - Liberty Reports functions will require a live connection to your database in order to show a value. When opening the workbook, Liberty Reports will connect to your database which may require you to enter login credentials. If you do not complete a connection to your database, the Liberty Reports functions in your workbook will not return a data value.
  • Checked - When saving the workbook, the results from Liberty Reports functions in your workbook will be saved in a separate area of the file. Later, when the workbook is opened, Liberty Reports will use the stored values when evaluating the functions and no database connection will be required. When you use the Refresh feature, the stored function results will be discarded and current data will be queried from your database(s).