Save As Values Command

Saving a values-only copy of the workbook allows the workbook to be shared with users who do not have Liberty Reports installed. Within the values-only copy, all of the values that were queried from your database(s) are stored as static values. Any Excel formulas and functionality is preserved.

When this toolbar button is clicked, you will first be prompted to save the live copy of the workbook if it contains any unsaved changes.

You will be prompted to supply a name for the values-only copy of the workbook. The default name will be identical to the current name but with the text "(Values)" appended to the end of the filename.

Certain Liberty Reports event macros will be executed at this time (if you have created them). Event macros allow your own custom actions to be performed automatically before or after creating the values-only copy. Refer to the topic explaining Event Macros for more information.

Note - The values-only copy of the workbook cannot be refreshed to show current data from your database.