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This function returns the fiscal period number of the prefix based on the date that is supplied.


= TSGLPeriodNumber ( Prefixes , AccountingDate , DataFolders )


Returns the fiscal period number for prefix "10" that is associated with the date 5/1/2010.


Argument Description
Prefixes Optional - This argument specifies the GL prefix to be reported or the set of prefixes to be consolidated. This may one of the following types of values:
Blank This indicates that all prefixes should be consolidated.
Example: ""
Single Prefix Includes accounts from the single prefix specified.
Example: "1-10"
Prefix Mask A set of literal characters and/or wildcard characters that identify the set of prefixes to consolidate. A percent symbol (%) is a wildcard representing any number of characters. An underscore (_) is a wildcard representing a single character.
Example: "1-1%"
List of Prefixes A comma-separated list of prefixes enclosed in parenthesis. The previxes in the list will be consolidated.
Example: "('1-10','1-11','1-21','1-40')"
Range of Cells Produces the same result as List of Prefixes except that the list is built automatically based on the values in the cells that make up the range.
Example: $G$3:$G$10
NOTE - If prefixes are not used, this argument is ignored. Only the first prefix in the set is used to return the period number.
AccountingDate Optional - This argument identifies the date to locate in the calendar of periods defined in General Ledger fiscal settings.
Blank Returns the current period number.
Specific Date Date is used to locate the period in the calendars shown in Fiscal Settings for the specified prefix.
DataFolders Optional - If blank or not specified, the current data folder will be used. Possible values include:
Blank Current data folder (associated with the workbook) will be used.
Data Folder Path Specifies a specific data folder.
Range of Cells Where each cell in the range identifies a data folder path. In this case, data folders that do not contain the requested prefix(es) are ignored. All other data folders must return the same period number or else an error message will be returned..