OCI – Import File Window

The Save Import File window displays when you click the Save Import File button. Use this window to provide the filename for the import file being created as well as other details.


Import File

Provide the filename for the import file being created. This field will contain a default filename if this is the first time that a file of the specified type is being created; otherwise the last filename used will be used as the default. You can click the ellipses button to navigate to the desired folder and select the desired file name.


Once the import file has been created, Office Connector Import can perform one of the following actions:

  • Launch the Import Task - This option takes you directly to the associated task so you can immediately import the file.
  • Run a Macro - Click the hyperlink to select a macro file to fully automate the process. This option is especially useful if you intend to run the import unattended as part of a scheduled task.
  • No Action - Once the import file has been created, simply go back to Excel.


Click this button to proceed with saving the import file (and optionally executing the macro). If the import file already exists, you will be asked if you wish to replace the existing file, append more data to it or cancel the operation.


Click this button to dismiss this window and not create the import file.