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Show Control Panel

Use this toolbar button to access details about the Office Connector - Import add-in.  The control panel window consists of the following parts:


Check for Updates Get the latest version of this program from the Event 1 Software website.  This feature can only be used by customers who have current software maintenance.
Edit Configuration View or modify the program's configuration file.
About Event 1 Office Connector Import Display the about window for Office Connector Import.  This will display the version and date of the application.
Update License Use this feature to update your license using the License wizard.  If you already own Office Connector Query or Write, you can use that program to update the Office Connector Import license as well.
Request Support Use this feature if you need help.  This will send an email to Event 1 Software's support group that includes your message along with other details gathered from your system that will aid our support staff in serving you.
Join a Support Session When working with a support representative, an online meeting might be the best way to help you.  This allows the support representative to see your screen and also take control with your permission.
System Information This is a report that displays information about your operating environment.
Activity Log The activity log tracks the usage of your software.  Message boxes and specific actions are recorded in this log.
Exception Log Error conditions that are encountered by the software are logged here.  This log is useful to a support representative who may be assisting you with resolving a problem.
File Formats
This area allows you to view the file format information for each of the import file types that are supported.  The information displayed for each file format is used when constructing TSImport functions.