OCI MW – Group Cost Code Option

Group Cost Codes

If the Cost Code has been defined in Custom Descriptions to include more than one section, group cost codes may be used. A group cost code is intended to represent the sum of more detailed cost codes below it. For example, the group cost code 1-000 represents the summary total of all "1-" cost codes (e.g., 1-001 to 1-999).

When creating transactions at the cost code level using MiscAmount1 through MiscAmount6, the use of a group cost code or detailed cost code is determined by the Misc Worksheet options within JC Settings in Job Cost. In this window, the group or detail cost code level can be specified for each of the six Misc Amount transaction types.


The Misc Worksheet options in JC Settings will be used to validate or edit the Cost Code value from your import file. It is important to review these settings prior to attempting to import MiscAmount transactions for Cost Codes.

Example 1

Let's assume your cost code is foramtted as AA-BBB where AA represents the "Division" (1-16) and BBB represents the "Item". If JC Settings identifies that MiscAmount1 transactions should post at the "Division" level then cost code values will be expected to have a value in the division section and zeros in the item section (e.g., 1-000, 2-000, 3-000). If your import file supplies a detailed cost code, it will be silently changed to its group cost code parent. For example, submitting 1-040 in this case would result in your transaction being created for cost code 1-000.

Example 2

Assuming the same cost code format as above, lets assume the opposite scenario. The MiscAmount1 transaction is defined in JC Settings to use the "Item" level. If you submit a transaction with a group cost code such as 1-000, it will be rejected.