OC – Licensing

License Files

Office Connector uses two separate license files for each module - a Standard and Designer license for Query and Write.  Each license tracks its own information such as expiration dates and the maximum number of concurrent users.


Each of the licenses correspond to a set of permitted actions.

Query StandardAllows the ability to refresh Sage 300 CRE data.
Query DesignerAllows the ability to refresh Sage 300 CRE data and use the Function Selector and Query Wizards to mine data or create new reports.
Write StandardAllows the ability to send data to Sage 300 CRE.
Write DesignerAllows the ability to send data to Sage and to create new reports using the Write Wizard.

Floating Licenses

Office Connector stores its license files in the Event 1 System Folder, which is specified during the installation of the software.  This central location allows the license files to be shared by all users on the network.  License sharing allows Office Connector to implement a floating license scheme, so you can install the program as many times as you like without violating the license agreement.  A shared license also means that a given set of license keys only need to be entered once; the other machines on the network will automatically discover the new license status the next time that Excel is opened.

Updating Your License

Use the Licensing command to display the Licensing window, which allows you to manage all of your license files in a single window.  Multiple sets of license keys can be automatically requested and entered for you in a single step using the online licensing feature.

Working Disconnected

It is sometimes desirable to send a workbook out into the field for data entry purposes and then send it back to the main office so the values can be automatically written back to the database. The challenge is that the field operatives most likely do not have access to the network licenses needed to use the software. In the event that the license folder is not accessible, the software will automatically enter viewer mode.

Viewer mode can be combined with the Save data with report feature to support sending workbooks into the field and then linking them back to the live data when they are returned. First the workbook is refreshed against the live data and then saved with the Save data with report feature enabled. Then the workbook is typically emailed to the person who will do the data entry off-site. That person will be able to enter new values and interact with all of the saved data but will not be able to refresh it. The field operative then saves the new data and emails it back to the central office. When the workbook is opened inside of the main office network, the live license link is established as normal and any data entered off-site can now be written directly back to the database.