Maintaining the security of your data is an important step in protecting your information from damage or misuse.  The primary mechanism for securing your data is Sage 300 CRE Security.  Sage 300 CRE Security applies to users of Sage 300 CRE and also all ODBC connections.  Since Office Connector connects using ODBC, your Sage 300 CRE Security settings are automatically enforced by the Sage 300 CRE ODBC driver.

It is important to note that Sage 300 CRE Menu Permissions apply to the Sage 300 CRE program, but have no effect on ODBC.
You must implement Sage 300 CRE Security to control access to your Sage 300 CRE data if your organization has licensed the ODBC driver.

For more information on enabling ODBC read access within Sage 300 CRE Security, see the Sage 300 CRE User's Guide regarding Security Roles.

Office Connector offers additional security in the form of module permissions.  Module permissions determine which users can access which types of functionality offered by the Office Connector family of products.  It is necessary to implement Office Connector module permissions if you require the ability to write data to Sage 300 CRE via Office Connector.  For more information on module permissions, please refer to the Office Connector Operator Administrator documentation.