OCQ – Edit SQL

Excel uses QueryTable objects to display database values in a rectangular layout.  QueryTable objects use Structured Query Language, or SQL to determine which data to display.  SQL allows for much more power and flexibility than the Excel user interface provides.

The SQL Editor command allows you to directly edit the SQL text that defines your Excel queries.  This command is not limited to Office Connector queries, which means that you can use this command to edit any Excel query.

You may specify which query to edit in one of two ways.  Either select the query before clicking the toolbar button, or Office Connector will prompt you with a list of all the queries in the workbook.

Office Connector displays the SQL in the SQL Editor window.  If you save your changes, Office Connector automatically refreshes the query.


QueryTables always display the fields in columns and the individual records in rows.  Although there is a Transpose function in Excel, it is not recommended for QueryTables because they do not retain the rotated orientation when refreshed.