OCQ/SQL Editor – Select Query Table

The Select QueryTable window allows you to select from the list of the QueryTables that exist in your workbook. Since Excel stores the QueryTable objects by worksheet and even allows a given name to be repeated on different worksheets, the list requires two columns – QueryTable Name and Worksheet.

Clicking on a column header will sort the list by that column; clicking on it again will reverse the sort direction. A triangular graphic is displayed to indicate whether the column is sorted in ascending or descending order. By default the list is sorted by first by Worksheet and then by QueryTable Name.

To quickly find an item in a large list, you can simply start typing the value as it would appear in the sort column. Text will appear to the right of Refresh displaying what you have typed so far, and the highlighted row in the list will advance to the next item that most closely matches what you have typed.


Click the Refresh button to force Office Connector to rebuild the list of QueryTables.


Click OK to select the highlighted QueryTable. Alternately you can double-click the QueryTable in the grid.


Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog without selecting a QueryTable.


Click Help or press the F1 key to display the web help for this window.