Conditions List

NOTE - This feature was introduced in version 2.01.0009.

The conditions list is the first component to be developed for Event 1 Software's future vision for simplified database access.  The conditions list provides an easier way to filter out the noise to get only the results you want.  The ease of use and new functionality is significant enough to warrant replacing the old technology in Office Connector with this component, even before the rest of our vision is developed.  We hope you enjoy it.

Add Group

Click Add group to display the Add Group window.  Alternately, you can click the black triangle to drop down options to directly add a group for And or Or.

Add Condition

Click Add condition to display the Add Condition window.


Click Edit selected item to edit the selected group or condition.  Alternately you can double-click the item you want to edit.


Click Delete selected item to remove the selected group or condition.  Note that if you remove a group, you also remove all items contained by that group.  Alternately you can use the Delete key to perform this action.

SQL View

Click Switch to SQL view to display the conditions using SQL text.  Edit selected item and Delete selected item are not available in SQL view.  If you make changes to the SQL text, you will not be able to return to the graphical view without losing your changes.

Graphical View

Click Switch to Graphical view to display the conditions graphically.  This is the default view.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Conditions List fully supports keyboard shortcuts for all of its functionality.