OCQ Wizard – Select Fields

Field List

A list of field names for the selected table.  The friendly name is on the left and the internal name is on the right. Field names appear in the order that they are defined in the table unless you click a column header to sort the list. Key fields are indicated by a yellow key icon.


Navigating the List

Type the begining of the name of the field to jump down to the desired entry.  If you repeatedly type the first letter of the field name, the highlighted row will cycle through the fields that start with that letter.  Often the best option is to use the Find window.

To select a field, click the checkbox or hit the Space bar to check the box of the highlighted row.  To quickly select multiple consecutive fields, hold the Space bar down.  Select all the fields that you want and click Next.


Click Cancel to dismiss the dialog without inserting the query or function.


Click Back to go back to the previous screen.


Click Next to advance to the next screen. Next is disabled if this is the last screen on the wizard you are using.


Click Finish to insert your query or function. Finish will be enabled when the wizard has sufficient information to insert the query or function.


Click Help to display the web help for the associated screen.