Custom Caption Codes

One of the features that adds usability to Sage 300 CRE is the ability to customize the wording used to identify certain elements.  For example, you may choose to rename the term "Extras" to "Workorders" because it makes sense for how your business runs.

Similar to internal field names, Sage 300 CRE uses underlying identifiers to provide a predictable way to access these customizable elements.  Since the underlying identifiers never change, you can use them to create solutions that are guaranteed to work regardless of any customizations.

The TSCustomCaption function uses these identifiers, which we call Custom Caption Codes, to return the customized names.  The TSCustomCaption function can be used in conjunction with TSWrite functions that write to fields where the name has been customized.  Doing so makes your solution resilient in the face of ongoing customizations.

Finding The Codes

Use the following links, which are organized by module, to find the custom caption code of interest.