ODBC Error – 2147467259

This error is generated when you attempt to update a field with a value that is outside the range of acceptable values.  It can also be generated if you attempt to create a new record that would result in a duplicate.  You can tell more about what caused the error by looking at the last part of the description.

Negative Value Not Allowed

[TimberlineODBC][TimberlineODBCEngine ODBC Driver][DRM File Library]NNUME21: Negative value not allowed. This error is from an example where the user attempted to write a negative number to a field that only accepts positive numbers.

Invalid Entry

[Timberline][ODBC Driver][DLL]Invalid entry.This error indicates that an unacceptable value was supplied for a field that is normally displayed in a drop down list. For example, writing Giant to the Vendor Type field when there is no such vendor type.

Illegal duplicate key.

[TimberlineODBC][TimberlineODBCEngine ODBC Driver][DRM File Library]Illegal duplicate key.This error can be generated when you try to create a new record when a record with the same key already exists.  For example, you might accidentally run into this error when creating a GL budget based on last year's budget if you forget to increment the year before writing the data.