Using Custom Fields

Sage 300 CRE treats custom fields differently than built-in fields.  Custom fields are maintained in a separate table and a row is not created until a value is entered for a custom field.  This makes it possible to have fewer rows in your custom field table than in the related table.

For example, suppose you had 15 jobs when you created your first custom job field.  At that point in time, you have 15 rows in your job table and zero rows in the custom fields table.  You then enter a value into the custom field for three of your jobs.  You now have 15 rows in your job table and three in your custom fields table.  This information is important to keep in mind when using the TSCount function in conjunction with custom fields.

The fact that custom field records might not exist for all records in the related table impacts your ability to use table joins with custom fields.  Depending on the type of join, you will either end up with fewer rows in your result set or Null values in your custom fields.

New Custom Fields

To use a new custom field in Office Connector, you must close Excel, create the custom field in Sage 300 CRE and then run Upgrade Files.  Once you have completed those steps you may reopen Excel and access the field using Office Connector.

Office Connector - Write

Since Sage 300 CRE doesn't create the row for a custom field until it has been written to, use Create Or Modify as the Action for TSWrite functions.