OC – Installation


The major steps are outlined here with details listed in individual sections below.

  1. Review the minimum system requirements.
  2. Download the self-extractor file.
  3. Extract the setup package.
  4. Run the extracted setup package.

Review the Minimum Requirements

In a nutshell, you’re going to need to satisfy the minimum requirements for Sage 300 CRE, have the ODBC driver activated and have Microsoft Excel installed.  The complete list of minimum requirements is listed on our website.

Download the Self-Extractor File

Unless you turn off the Web Updates feature, Office Connector will automatically prompt you when an update is available.  For new installations:

  1. Navigate to the Download page for Office Connector on our website.
  2. Complete the contact information on the web form and click Download.
  3. Click the Download Office Connector Query-Write link on the resulting page.
  4. If prompted, choose a location to save the file on your local computer.

Run the Self-Extractor

  1. Run the setup program that you downloaded in the previous step.
  2. A message box will come up saying that the file is a self-extractor.  Click OK.
  3. The WinZip Self-Extractor window comes up with the Unzip To Folder box initialized to "C:\Event1".
    • Note - If you will be installing to more than one computer, then you should change the Unzip To Folder to a location on the network that the other machines will be able to access, ideally the same folder you specify for the Event 1 System Folder (see below).
  4. Click Unzip and the setup package will be extracted to the location you specified for the Unzip To Folder step.
  5. Click OK on the confirmation message and the program will begin installing.

Install the Software

  1. Read and Accept the End User License Agreement for your region and click Continue.
  2. Select the appropriate option for a Shared or Standalone license type.
    • NOTE - A Standalone license type is only used when Office Connector will be installed on one workstation or server. All other installation scenarios should select Shared.
  3. Enter the desired directory path for your License Location or click Browse to select the directory path and click Continue.
    • NOTE - If using a Shared license type, the License Location must be present in the root of a shared directory. This can be completed using a mapped drive or UNC path.
  4. Once the installer is complete, click OK to confirm.
Note - It is possible to install Office Connector on a Terminal Services or Citrix server, however a careful review of the Considerations for Terminal Services and Citrix page is strongly recommended.