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Considerations for Terminal Services and Citrix

Terminal Services and Citrix are closely related environments; for the sake of simplicity, this section uses the term "Citrix" to refer to both environments.  Office Connector works under Citrix, but you should keep the following considerations in mind when deploying the software:
  • Office Connector is an extension of Excel; therefore, Excel and Sage 300 CRE must both be installed in the same environment.  That means if you use Excel locally, you must also have Sage 300 CRE installed locally.  Similarly, if you run Sage 300 CRE over Citrix, Excel must also be run over Citrix.  If both programs are not installed in the same environment, then Office Connector will not be able to connect to your Sage 300 CRE data.
  • If you plan to use Office Connector both locally and over Citrix, you must use the Sage 300 CRE Registry Editor to "switch between modes".  A rule of thumb is: You must be able to run Sage 300 CRE, before Office Connector will work.  You can test this very easily by launching any Sage 300 CRE module.
  • The best configuration for Citrix is to have Excel and Office Connector installed on the Citrix server and to have Sage 300 CRE installed on a separate server.  The Citrix server connects to the Sage 300 CRE server via a mapped drive.  If you also have local installations of Sage 300 CRE, make sure that they use the same drive mapping as the Citrix machine.