OC – Sharing A Concurrency

If you select the Save data with report workbook preference, then you can work disconnected from Sage 300 CRE and allow someone else to use your concurrency.


Suppose that you have two people that work on Office Connector spreadsheets, but you have only purchased one license concurrency.  In the following example, Brenda is using the Save data with report workbook preference to "float" her license concurrency:

  1. Brenda opens her Office Connector workbook and grabs the concurrency when she refreshes her data.
  2. Bill opens his Office Connector workbook and sees a message saying that all concurrencies are in use.  He asks Brenda to please release the concurrency.
  3. Brenda saves, closes and then reopens her workbook – she is now working with a saved copy of the data, which is up-to-date as of the time that she last refreshed.
  4. Bill then clicks the Refresh button in his workbook to gain access to the current Sage 300 CRE data.  Bill’s machine is now using the floating license concurrency.

NOTE - Versions of Office Connector prior to 2.2.x required Excel to be closed completely in order to release concurrencies.