Licensing Window – Communication Style

This screen allows you to select the method by which to request license keys.

OnlineThis is the fastest and easiest method.  The software will request and enter your license keys automatically.
EmailIt is possible that the online method may not address your situation, and you will need to request keys by email.  An email will be sent to our Services department and they will reply to your request with license keys and instructions for entering them.  Your name, phone number and email address is required to request license keys via email.
FaxIf you do not have access to the Internet, Fax is an option.  Your name, phone number and fax number is required to request license keys via fax.
PhoneIf you have an Essential Success Membership, you may call our Services department during normal business hours to have your keys delivered over the telephone.
BackClick Back to return to the License List step.
NextClick Next to submit your license key request.  The selected transmission method determines which step follows.
CloseClick Close to dismiss the window.
HelpClick Help to display this help topic.