Request License Keys Command

NOTE - This command only exists in versions 2.1.x and earlier.  This command has been replaced by the Licensing command.

NOTE - Excel 2007 users click here.

License keys are required to modify the status of your license file, for example to establish your permanent license, extend your maintenance date or activate certain features.

License keys are generated based on information that we gather from your system at the time that you make a request.  Since Query and Write are two separate products, be sure to request keys using the appropriate menu.  To request license keys, start Excel and select one of the following to display the Request License Keys Wizard:

Query - Help / Office Connector / Query License / Request License Keys

Write - Help / Office Connector / Write License / Request License Keys

Once you have completed the wizard, an email or fax is generated that contains the request and the system information that we require.  Upon receiving the request, we will generate license keys and reply via fax or email with further instructions.