OC – Open Data Folder

Establishing a Connection

Many Office Connector functions and commands require a connection to the database.  Office Connector automatically prompts you with the list of data folders when a connection needs to be established.  Alternately, you can manually establish or change the data folder connection using the Open Data Folder command.

If you have implemented database security, then you will be prompted for your operator ID and password after selecting a data folder.  Once you have successfully connected, Office Connector automatically refreshes all of your queries and functions.

Default Connection

When you save a workbook, the current data folder is stored in the custom workbook property Sage300CREDataFolder.  The next time you open the workbook, the stored data folder will be used by default; you will not be prompted to select the data folder.  If you have implemented security, you will still need to supply your password.

To access the custom property, select File / Properties from the Excel menu and activate the Custom tab of the Properties window.  The Properties grid at the bottom of the window contains the Sage300CREDataFolder entry and the Value is the path to your data folder.

If you wish to always be prompted for a data folder, use the special value Prompt for the Sage300CREDataFolder property.