OC – Layout And Features

The presentation of the Office Connector toolbar is dependent on your version of Excel.

Excel 2010

The Office Connector toolbar is displayed as its own tab on the ribbon under Add-Ins:

Tool Summary

Menu CommandsThis dropdown list give you all of the available commands
Custom ToolbarsThis set of tools is used with a standard or designer license when using Office Connector.


Menu Summary

Open Data FolderThis command allows you to manually establish or change the data folder connection.
Save As ValuesThis command allows you to create a copy of your spreadsheet for viewing all functions and queries without having the Office Connector software; however with this you cannot refresh your data.
Edit PreferencesThis command allows you to customize preferences in Office Connector for the following three categories: This Workbook, Software Updates, and Advanced.
QueryThe query feature allows you to run queries, refresh your data, as well as edit queries just to name a few of its capabilities.
WriteThe write feature allows you to send data to Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate as well as use the Write Wizard capability.
HelpThe help list displays the help options as well as the online help for Office Connector.


There are several functions available in Office Connector including but not limited to the following:

TSLookup Function

TSCount Function

TSFind Function

TSWrite Function

TSSum Function