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Plans & Renewals

Event 1 Software Plans & Renewals

Annual Maintenance

The annual fee paid for software maintenance provides users of Liberty Reports, Forecast, and Integrator Excel-based reporting software with access to new versions of the software as they are made available. New versions are offered from time to time, in order to add new functionality, maintain compatibility, or correct defects. Keeping your annual maintenance current protects your software investment. Note that for Office Connector users, this is provided for under Essential Success Membership or Sage Business Care (see below).

Essential Success Membership (ESM) - for Office Connector

The following options apply only to customers who purchased Office Connector prior to November 1, 2011 (when it became a Sage offering). Customers who purchased Office Connector after this date are entitled to software maintenance and support according to the benefits provided by the Sage Business Care plan that is in effect through Sage.

ESM helps you protect your investment in software products from Event 1 Software by providing access to software updates and other valuable benefits. Basic ESM is required as part of your initial software purchase and must be renewed in subsequent years to obtain software updates. ESM Plus provides the same benefits as Basic ESM and also includes some great additional benefits for only a small amount of additional investment.

Benefits ESM Basic ESM Plus
Software Updates
Access to Knowledgebase
2.5 Hours Technical Support

Service Solution Plans

These plans provide you the option of purchasing a block of time that can be used for technical support or development of your Excel-based reports or business intelligence solutions. This is a great way to save money by planning for your needs in advance by purchasing a block of time up-front for a cost that is lower than our standard hourly rates.

Plans are available at the following rates:

Number Of Hours Price Per Hour Support Professional Services
1 Hour $240.00
2 Hours $225.00
3+ Hours $195.00