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Professional Services

Professional Services

Our team has many years of experience building solid custom Excel-based reporting and business intelligence solutions that are highly functional and with a very professional appearance.  Whether it's through our in-depth knowledge of Excel, Structured Query Language (SQL), or Excel macros with Visual Basic (VBA), our team is skilled at using the best combination of tools to make your wish become a reality. You just dream up the concept, and then let us either do all the work, or simply come alongside your team to provide assistance.

When you work with Event 1 Software's professional services team, you are working with a team that has extensive experience with the following technologies:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Office Connector & Liberty Reports
  • SQL - Structured Query Language
  • VBA - Visual Basic for Applications

One-on-One Consulting

Need help building your own reporting and business intelligence solution? You can schedule time with one of our qualified consultants who can assist you with building your Excel-based solution and learn in the process. Consulting is available on an hourly billing basis. Just contact us to schedule a session.

Project Work

Do you have an Excel-based solution in mind, but lack the time or expertise to create it yourself? Our team can help. We commonly engage projects through a proven process that encompasses the following steps:

  • Discovery - All projects begin with a Discovery Session in which we listen to you describe your needs, take notes, ask questions, and review any related information or examples.
  • Scope & Requirements - Based on the understanding of your needs that we gather from the Discovery Session, we will document a set of specifications that describe (in detail) your project.
  • Proposal & Approval - Once we have an accurate scope of work, we provide a proposal that identifies the estimated cost of the project and time frame for delivery.
  • Execution - With your approval, the work begins with one of our qualified team members.
  • Quality Assurance - Before delivering the completed solution, we conduct thorough testing to confirm that it is functioning as agreed to based on the scope of work and any criteria that was identified for testing.
  • Delivery & Acceptance - After we deliver the solution and take you through how to use it, you'll have an opportunity to test it yourself and confirm it works as expected.

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