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Office Connector

Starter Edition

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Included with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

This special edition of Office Connector is installed with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate as part of your Sage software maintenance beginning with version 9.7.  Read more...

Ready-to-Use Excel-Based Reports

Office Connector Starter includes a set of predefined Excel-based report templates that are available for your ongoing use.  These report templates offer a great amount of value and also serve as an excellent starting point for many companies to get a first taste of true integrated Excel-based reporting with Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. All Report Templates fall under the Limited Warranty for Packaged Excel Templates.

Account Ledger with Detail

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Duration: 5.5 minutes

This is a great tool for auditing your accounts and seeing account detail. Similar to your Current Ledger or Year-To-Date Ledger reports, this report produces a ledger of accounts for any date range you specify. Beginning and ending balances for the time period can be included and closing entries can be included or excluded.

Cost To Complete

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Duration: 4.5 minutes

This is an interactive report that provides a means to see date sensitive values for a job by cost code and then enter forecasted values. The cost at completion and over/under values are calculated and displayed real-time.

Job List with Maps and Weather

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Duration: 3.5 minutes

This report produces a list of current jobs that can be quickly filtered by project manager and location. For each job, you can click a hyperlink that takes you to an online map or weather information for the job site.

Lease Expiration List

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Duration: 4 minutes

This report produces a list of leases that are due to expire within the specified period. Select leases for a specific property or all properties. Quickly filter the list further using the Auto-Filter buttons on each column heading.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Dash Board

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Duration: 3.5 minutes

This report provides a high-level view of the various Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate applications allowing you to see at a glance which applications contain un-posted transactions.

Search Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate

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Duration: 5.5 minutes

Use this report to find transactions that contain values that you supply. Matching transactions are displayed from General Ledger, Job Cost, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Property Management.

Additional Training

Customizing Starter Reports

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Duration: 21.5 minutes

Take a more detailed look at using Starter reports and get guidelines for adding your own customizations.

Scope of Office Connector Starter

Here are some important things to know about Office Connector Starter:

  • No Designer Features - Office Connector Starter does not provide you with any designer features such as access to the query wizard or function wizards.
  • Starter Reports Cannot Be Changed - You cannot modify the Office Connector functionality embedded in the six starter reports.  This means that you cannot create, modify, or delete Office Connector queries or Office Connector worksheet functions.  You are free however to make other changes utilizing the features of Excel and save those changes with your starter workbooks.
  • No Impact On Existing Customers - If you already own Office Connector and are current on your annual Essential Success Membership subscription (software updates), it will continue to work as before with no change in functionality.
  • No License Required for Starter Reports - When starter reports are used, they do not use any licenses of Office Connector.  If you already own Office Connector, this means that the licenses you have purchased will not be used when running the starter reports.
  • Full Evaluation Available - If you do not own Office Connector, you will be able to evaluate the full product for five business days starting on the day you first use it.  You then have the option to continue using only the starter reports or to upgrade to the full product.
    • Need more time to evaluate? Click here to request an extension of your evaluation period.

Purchasing Office Connector

The full versions of Office Connector products can be purchased from Event 1 Software and from our participating Sage Business Partners.  Click here for information about purchasing licenses of Office Connector.

Supported Platforms

  Click here for information about supported operating systems, versions of Excel, and versions of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate.