How do I email technical support from Office Connector?


You can use this feature of Office Connector to contact technical support staff about a question or an issue you are experiencing. At times, technical support staff may direct you to do this. The email that is sent from Office Connector includes diagnostics files that are useful to the technical support staff. These diagnostic files consist of your error log, activity log, trace log, and system environment information.


Follow these steps to send a technical support email to Event 1 Software:

Excel 2007 and later
  1. Start Excel
  2. >Click the Add-Ins tab on the Ribbon
  3. In the Menu Commands group, click Office Connector
  4. Click Help, then Support, and then Email Technical Support
  5. Enter your contact information in the fields provided
  6. Enter your question or a description of the issue.
  7. Click Send

You will receive an email confirmation after our technical support staff receives your email.