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Reporting Tools

This set of tools is used with a standard or designer license when using reports.

Name Description
Refresh Refreshes all Liberty Reports queries and worksheet functions in the current workbook. If a connection to your database has not already been established, this may result in a prompt enter your login credentials.
Report Templates Launches Liberty Reports Desktop allowing you to access the available set of report templates.
Save As Values Saves a new copy of the current workbook where Liberty Reports query results and worksheet functions have been converted to static values. This produces a version of the workbook that can be opened by any user of Excel without the need to have Liberty Reports installed or the need to have access to your database(s). If the current workbook has not yet been saved, you will be prompted to save it first. After the values copy has been saved it will become the current workbook and the original will be closed.
Select Databases Allows you to switch the database(s) associated with the connection(s) being used by your report.