Where do I save updated versions of the Excel templates provided with Office Connector?


From time to time, Event 1 Software may update certain Excel templates that are furnished with the software.  This is done to add functionality, resolve issues, or allow them to function with a wider range of scenarios.

While the new version of a template will be incorporated into the installation program of the next release, our support staff may provide you with an updated version of a specific template prior to release.  This article addresses the steps to ensure that you save the updated template in the correct location.


  1. Determine the path for your Office Connector templates.
    Note - The specific location where Office Connector's Excel templates are located is specific to your environment and how Office Connector was installed.  These steps are provided to ensure that you identify the correct location for your specific environment.
    1. View the System Information Report
      Excel 2010 and Higher
      1. Click the Add-Ins tab of the Excel ribbon
      2. In the Menu Commands group, click Office Connector, then Help, Environment, and View System Information.
    2. Under the main heading of System Information, locate the sub-heading of Event 1
    3. Make note of the System Folder path.  This path is your Event 1 System Folder
  2. Save the template
    1. Save the Excel template in the OC2\Reports folder that is in your Event 1 System Folder (replacing the existing file). If the report template is for Office Connector Starter, save the file in the Starter folder below that (OC2\Reports\Starter).
    2. If you were sent a .zip file (not an .xlt file), make sure to extract the contents of the .zip file to the location mention in the previous step.
  3. Run the report and confirm the version number
    1. Run the report as you normally would from Office Connector Launch Pad or Sage Desktop (in the case of Office Connector Starter)
    2. Click the Information worksheet and scroll to the bottom where the version number is shown
    3. Confirm that the version matches the version number you were to have received in the update